Poem by Abe no Nakamaro by HokusaiSparrow and Reeds Unsigned Hand DrawingCourtesan Kashiku from the Tsuru House by Keisai Eisen
Mt. Fuji Seen from Oshino by Kawase Hasui 1st Ed.53 Stations of the Tokaido #38 Fujikawa by Ando Hiroshige100 Views of Edo # 45 Deluxe 1st Edition by Ando Hiroshige
100 Views of Edo # 11 Deluxe 1st Edition by Ando HiroshigeSarusawa Pond in Nara by Tsuchiya Koitsu 1st Ed.Night Fishing at Tsukuda by Shotei
Returning Woman in an Autumn Evening by ShoteiSpring Evening by ShoteiThunderstorm at Tateishi by Shotei
Katsushika by ShoteiNagoya Castle by Tsuchiya Koitsu Pre WWIINissaka on the Tokaido Road by Kawase Hasui
Hachirogata Inlet in Akita Prefecture by Kawase Hasui 1st Ed.Yakushiji Temple in Nara by Kawase Hasui 1st Ed.Les Deux Adversaires Coree Gauche by Paul Jacoulet
Les Deux Adversaires Coree Droite by Paul JacouletL'etoile de Gobi Mongol by Paul JacouletLes Bons Piments Rouges Coree by Paul Jacoulet
Une Histoire Tres Drole Mongols by Paul Jacoulet
Vieille Marchande de Carpes by Paul JacouletSouvenirs d'autrefois by Paul Jacoulet
The Beginning by Ando HiroshigeNight Rain at Kawarago by Kawase Hasui 1st Ed.Woman at the Tagawaya Restaurant by Keisai Eisen
100 Views of Edo # 54 Deluxe 1st Edition by Ando HiroshigeLe Chemin a l'Eglise by Paul JacouletLe Mandarin aux Lunettes by Paul Jacoulet
Travel to the Ancient City by Utagawa KunimaruLe Banni by Paul JacouletLa Longevite, Coree, Moppo by Paul Jacoulet
Hokkan Zan Coree Seoul by Paul JacouletSaga Kyoto by Kiyoshi Saito # 3/100Obakusan Uji (A) by Kiyoshi Saito # 54/150
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