Antique Letter Written by Iseki Naosuke

Antique Letter Written by Iseki Naosuke
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Artist: Iseki Naosuke

Woodblock Print Title: Antique Letter

1st Publication: June 1829

Size: 8 5/8" x 19" (22 x 48.3 cm)

Date of this edition: June 1829

Publisher: Hand drawn letter

Condition: A few losses on the edges, else very fine.

Notes: The inscriptions on the sheet of paper are occasional poems and haiku citations by members of a friendly Japanese company of literati on ageing. The first (right hand side) one is a short poem from the noted Chinese poet Zhang Jiuling (678-740) titled "Seeing the white hair in the mirror" :
宿昔青雲志 - In the past I saw a dream
磋跎白髪年 - My gray hair increased before I knew
誰知明鏡裏 - I see my figure in mirror
形影白相憐 - All my wrinkles need to be pitied
The 3rd haiku:
葛水又見る影もなき翁かな (Kassui mata miru kage mo naki okina ka na)
Chilled yuzu-water and the miserable old man.

Colophon on the left side with the sketch of an old man:
12th Year of Bunsei era, Year of Earth-Buffalo (1829) June
復吉刷写井関直助 - Drew by Iseki Naosuke, Fukukichi
所持之軸地 - On the owner's scroll paper
十八歳 - 18 years of age (reverse reading 80 )

Letter from the former collection of Richard Lane.

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