Parody of the Killing of the Nue by Utamaro

Parody of the Killing of the Nue by Utamaro
Item# parody-of-the-killing-of-the-nue-by-utamaro
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Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

Woodblock Prints Title: Parody of the Killing of the Nue, from the series Picture Siblings (E-kyôdai)

1st Publication: 1798

Size: 14-5/8 x 10

Date of this edition: Printed later, 2nd or 3rd edition. Could be Posthumous !!!

Publisher: Ômiya Gonkurô (Seal omitted on this print)

Condition: Some stain on the back of the print, not showing on the front, some soiling and some color fading from age. Very good overall condition.

Notes: This seal does not have the publisher seal, but it is an original from the period stated. Most likely a second or third edition though

Pictures: Pictures are taken outdoor, in the shade, to reflect true colors, without any enhancements of any kind. The last picture is taken indoor, with a light behind the print, to reveal the exact paper grain, holes if any, or other possible flaws.

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