Sung Chinese Horsemen by Tosa Mitsusada Hand Drawing

Sung Chinese Horsemen by Tosa Mitsusada Hand Drawing
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Artist: Tosa Mitsusada (1738-1806)

Woodblock Print Title: Sung Chinese Horsemen

1st Publication: September 1774

Size: 17" x 84 " (43 x 213 cm)

Date of this edition: September 1774

Publisher: Hand made Hand Drawing

Condition: Mild toning and soiling, creases

Notes: The colophon reads : 3rd, Horse Year of Anei, September.
Now, following the Restoration and transfer of the Naishidokoro (Imperial Palace in Kyoto) it was asked by the Event Officer to procure one pair of Great Sung folding screen based on 12 old drawings. They were selected by according to the taste of court representative.
Twelve drawings marked by seals.
Captain of the Imperial Guard on the Left Mitsusada. (Signature) Kawabe Pictures and Calligraphies Mark (Collector's seal) Signed: Tosa Mitsusada 土佐光貞  (Court painter, dedicated practicioner of Tosa traditions.)

安永三午年九月 今度 内侍所御修復二付御遷宮後従 禁中被進 大宋御屏風一雙仕立例之通り行事官調進押畫 十二枚古圖ヲ以被相頼 初テ認傳 奏衆ヨリ御内二 而被相候趣也 印之分十二枚認也 左近将監光貞 河邊家書画記

Hand drawing from the former collection of Richard Douglas Lane.

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